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VT module.

class vt.Feed(client, feed_type, cursor=None)[source]

Feed represents a stream of objects received from VirusTotal in real-time.

For more information about VirusTotal Feeds see: https://docs.virustotal.com/reference/feeds

In the example below the loop iterates forever, retrieving file objects as they are processed by VirusTotal. For a more elaborate example see the file examples/file_feed.py in this repository.

>>> with vt.Client(<apikey>) as client:
>>> for file_obj in client.feed(vt.FeedType.FILES):
>>>   print(file_obj.id)

Instances of this class are not created directly, you should use the vt.Client.feed() method instead.

property cursor

Returns a cursor indicating the last item retrieved from the feed.

This cursor can be used for creating a new Feed object that continues where a previous one left.

class vt.FeedType(value)[source]

Feed types.

FILES = 'files'
FILE_BEHAVIOURS = 'file-behaviours'
URLS = 'urls'