vt url

Get information about URLs


Get information about one or more URLs.

This command receives one or more URLs and returns information about them. URL hashes as returned in the “object_id” field are also accepted. The information about each URL is returned in the same order as the URLs are passed to the command.

If the command receives a single hypen (-) the URLs are read from the standard input, one per line.

vt url [url]... [flags]


  vt url https://www.virustotal.com
  vt url f1177df4692356280844e1d5af67cc4a9eccecf77aa61c229d483b7082c70a8e
  cat list_of_urls | vt url -


  -x, --exclude strings    exclude fields matching the provided pattern
  -h, --help               help for url
  -I, --identifiers-only   print identifiers only
  -i, --include strings    include fields matching the provided pattern (default [**])
  -t, --threads int        number of threads working in parallel (default 5)

Options inherited from parent commands

  -k, --apikey string   API key
      --proxy string    HTTP proxy
  -v, --verbose         verbose output